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USDA Certified Beef
The United States Department of Agriculture develops and enforces policies related to farming and food.  The USDA has strict policies which make sure that the food we eat was raised and processed correctly.  The USDA applies the same strict policies as they inspect beef, and finally issue a grade. 
Chicago Gourmet Steaks believes that the policies of the USDA are of utmost importance.  Our products are always scrutinized for top quality. Chicago Gourmet Steaks only sells beef that earns a USDA certified grade of Choice or higher.  We do not stop there.  As we are committed to providing the best product available, Chicago Gourmet Steaks only sells the best 1/3 of USDA Choice, or USDA Prime Beef.

The top three grades used by the USDA are:

  • USDA Prime Beef
  • USDA Choice Beef
  • USDA Select Beef
For more information on USDA Certified Beef, or to learn how the USDA certifies steak, download their pdf on The United States Department of Agriculture Beef Standards.
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Our corn-fed, Midwestern beef is USDA inspected and naturally aged for 18-21 days for exceptional taste and ultimate tenderness. No water, fillers, preservatives, chemicals or coloring are ever used.
Whether purchased for your family or as a gift, each and every selection is custom cut when ordered to insure the freshest quality possible.