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A Reputation At Steak!


A Reputation At Steak is more than just a slogan to us is a way of doing business.
When we talk about A Reputation At Steak, we refer an unparalleled attention to detail and quality in our production process. We begin by hand selecting primal cuts of beef from quality corn-fed Midwestern cattle (the Midwest produces the best cattle in the world).  Prime cuts of beef are then naturally aged for 18-21 days to create exceptional taste and tenderness. Our expert butchers carefully cut your steak, exactly to your order specifications. Steaks are individually packaged in an air-tight vacuum sealed poly bag. Steaks are then flash-frozen to lock in freshness and flavor. Finally, your steaks are carefully boxed and placed in a cooler with dry-ice, and shipped.

When we talk about A Reputation At Steak, we refer to a long and proven history. Chicago Gourmet Steaks has ties back to 1919 and the Chicago Union Stockyards. Our parent company, as we are now, was an icon in the Chicago Union Stockyards.  Lincoln Meat Co. was created in 1919 and operated as a beef slaughterhouse through the peak and decline of the Chicago Union Stockyards, and was actually the last beef slaughterhouse in the city of Chicago.  Chicago Gourmet Steaks was created and was one of the first few mail order steak company’s. While things have changed from 1919 until today, one thing has not: we know great steak.

When we talk about A Reputation At Steak, we refer to quality products at fair prices. Other purveyors promise gourmet steaks, and will live up to that promise, but at a hefty price. We promise gourmet steaks at an affordable price. We have decades of practice and expertise, and as most will agree, are the best at what we do.

When we talk about A Reputation At Steak, we refer to a long history of preparing more than just the next meal. We have several Filet Mignon Recipes, Beef Stew Recipes, and Sirloin Steak Recipes on our site, among other gourmet recipes. We also provide preparation instructions and tips that will help you prepare the best steak that YOU want.

When we talk about A Reputation At Steak, we refer to a reputation of providing the best steaks to white-tablecloth restaurants throughout the world, as well as to your dinner table.  From Chicago Steaks, to Omaha Steaks, Los Angeles Steaks and Kansas City Steaks, to Seoul, Manila, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, Chicago Gourmet Steaks is there.  In fact, these establishments demand our corn-fed Midwestern beef. We bring families together around one of our Prime Rib Roasts, or elegant Chateaubriand’s for a classy dining experience. We bring friends together for the best tailgate or summertime BBQ with juicy Boneless Strip Steaks and Top Sirloins. Our massive 25 oz. Porterhouse is the talk of any gathering. We bring a smile to your clients’ faces, when they receive a corporate gift from you that was unique and delicious. Your clients and friends are undoubtedly pleased when they receive a gift box of gourmet steaks.

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Our corn-fed, Midwestern beef is USDA inspected and naturally aged for 18-21 days for exceptional taste and ultimate tenderness. No water, fillers, preservatives, chemicals or coloring are ever used.
Whether purchased for your family or as a gift, each and every selection is custom cut when ordered to insure the freshest quality possible.